Formed early 2013 the idea was to create a band with no genre specific boundaries. A dynamic band, able to play the simplest and most subtle music up to the technically and wild.

With all the usual ups and downs, member changes and changes of sound, Revery is currently Hana Muftic, Richard Globisch, Adrian Patterson and Taryn Young.

The general sound is rock, with some syncopated 16th note grooves, offensive overdriven bass, self gratifying guitar solos, tear jerking ballads, double bass kicking and some powerful vocals.

We're currently in the preproduction phase of our next album and should be hitting the studio in August 2017. The new songs are sounding great and more focused than our previous material. Stay tuned!


Hana Muftic - Vocals

Revery Hana image

Richard Globisch - Guitar

Revery Rich image

Adrian Patterson - Bass

Revery Adrian image

Taryn Young- Drums

Revery Taryn image